Moog Mother-32 Tabletop / Eurorack Semi-Modular Synthesizer

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $380$450

The Moog Mother-32 is a tabletop/"semi-modular" analog synthesizer introduced in 2015, the first of such products by Moog.

• Semi-modular -- no patching required.
• Oscillator with Pulse and Sawtooth wave outputs
• Moog Ladder Filter for LP/HP (20Hz–20KHz) with voltage controlled resonance
• Voltage Controlled 32 Step Sequencer with 64 Sequence Locations
• External audio input for processing outside sound sources
• 5-pin MIDI input and MIDI-to-CV converter for expanded integration
• 32 Modular Patch Points -- 5 patch cables are included
• Pair of voltage-controlled mixers
• Main module can be easily transferred into any Eurorack skiff
• Two- and three-tier rackmount kits available for mounting multiple units
• Complete solution for new Eurorack users – no other items required

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