Gibson L-4 1930 Sunburst

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  • $950$1,350

Gibson has used the L-4 moniker on a number of different style guitars over the years starting in 1912. The original L-4 was an acoustic archtop with an oval sound-hole and elevated pickguard. By 1928, the design had changed to a more circular sound-hole with a 14 frets clear of the body. The model changed again when F-holes were introduced in 1933, before the L-4 eventually morphed into an electric archtop as the L-4CES starting in 1958. 

Years of Production: 1912 - 1956

Unique to this Year: First year with unbound fingerboard.  

Body Style: Archtop acoustic 

Design Elements: Round sound-hole, trapeze tailpiece, single-bound top and back, 14 frets clear of body

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