G&L ASAT Classic 2000s Solid Finish or Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $710$875

The ASAT Classic is a Telecaster-like guitar designed by Leo Fender. The ASAT was introduced in 1986 and has been released in a number of variations since with different electronics and hardware. Like most G&L guitars, those from prior to Leo Fender's death in 1991 have his signature on the headstock and are more collectible. G&L offers the ASAT with a wide array of wood choices, neck profiles, and other custom factory options, and used prices vary based on selected features.

The Classic designation denotes smaller MFD pickups, as opposed to the larger soapbar-style pickups found on the ASAT Special.

Design Elements: Two MFD pickups, three-way pickup selector, two control knobs, dot inlays

Notable G&L Players: Jerry Cantrell, Carl Perkins, Ben Gibbard

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