G&L Comanche Late '90s and 2000s Solid Finish or Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $505$940

The Comanche is a reissue of a few earlier models designed by Leo Fender in the late '80s, namely the Comanche V manufactured from 1989-91. This Strat-like guitar is distinguished by its set of split Z-Coil pickups. G&L offers the Comanche with a wide array of wood choices, neck profiles, and other custom factory options, and used prices vary based on selected features.

Years of Production: 1998 - present

Body Style: Offset Solidbody

Design Elements: Three Z-coil pickups, tremolo bridge, three control knobs and tone switch, five-way pickup selector

Notable G&L Players: Jerry Cantrell, Carl Perkins, Ben Gibbard 

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