Gibson J-200 1941 Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $30,000$60,000

The Jumbo-sized J-200 is easily one of Gibson's most iconic acoustic guitars. In its history, the J-200 has been marketed as the Super Jumbo, the SJ-200, and has even earned the moniker, "The King of the Flattops." In addition to its huge size and massive tone, the J-200 is distinguished by its array of high-end cosmetic details including pineapple-style inlays and a mustache bridge. In the late '40s, the J-200 switched from Rosewood to Maple back and sides. The earlier Rosewood examples are far more sought-after by collectors. 

Years of Production: 1938 - present 

Specific to this Year: In 1941, Gibson introduced keystone tuners and a single-piece bridge for the J-200. The fingerboard was also switched from Ebony to Rosewood.  

Body Style: Jumbo flattop  

Wood Composition: Rosewood back and sides, Rosewood fingerboard, Spruce top, Maple neck

Notable Players: Pete Townshend, Elvis Presley, John Prine  

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