Gibson J-160E 1963 Sunburst

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $3,455$5,865

One of Gibson's early attempts at a production acoustic-electric guitar, the J-160e was a round-shouldered dreadnought with a single-coil pickup installed at the end of the fingerboard. This guitar features two control knobs, a Mahogany body, Spruce top, and Rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays. In the early '60s Gibson started an adjustable saddle in the bridge which is considered undesirable by most collectors. Like the Epiphone Casino, this guitar's status has been greatly influenced by its use by the Beatles.

Years of Production: 
1954 - 1979

Wood Composition: Mahogany back and sides, laminated Spruce top, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Tortoiseshell pickguard, trapezoid inlays, two control knobs, 20 frets

Notable Players: John Lennon, George Harrison, Barry Gibb

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