Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 PE Keyboard

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $950$1,095

The Prophet '08 PE (Potentiometer Edition) is the same as the original Prophet '08 except most of its digital encoders have been replaced with pots.

One of the more popular modern polysynths, the Prophet '08 is Dave Smith's evolution of his legendary Prophet 5. It looks and feels incredibly similar to this classic, though it makes some compromises — most notably the use of DCOs instead of VCOs. But its Curtis filters remain unchanged and other modern amenities like an arpeggiator, step sequencer, after-touch, and MIDI are all very welcome additions. The result is a versatile, stable, gig-able synth with an incredible 8 voices of polyphony at a fraction of the original's cost.

DSI also produces a (keyboardless) desktop version, as well as the Prophet '08 PE, which replaces most of the encoders with pots.

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