Gibson Les Paul Custom 1981 Silverburst

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $2,800$3,800

Reverb Estimated Price Range

  • $2,800$3,800

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Jun 2015 Reverb Excellent $3,000 $2,850
Jun 2014 Reverb Excellent $3,450 $2,950
May 2014 Reverb Very good $5,000 $3,700
May 2014 Reverb Very good $3,400 $2,900
May 2014 Reverb Excellent $3,300 $3,300
Jan 2014 Reverb Excellent $3,399 $2,750
Jan 2014 Reverb Excellent $3,399 $2,750
Jan 2014 Reverb Very good $3,400 $3,400
Jan 2013 Reverb Very good $2,600 $2,600
Jan 2013 reverb Brand New $2,600 $2,600
Dec 2012 ebay Brand New $2,999 $2,999
Jun 2012 CME Very good $3,295 $2,800
May 2012 CME Very good $3,995 $2,375

Like the Les Paul Standard, the Les Paul Custom was replaced with the SG body style at the end of 1960. The original Les Paul and Les Paul Custom were not brought back until 1968. Upon its reintroduction, the Les Paul Custom differed from those of the '50s in number of ways: the headstock was a slightly steeper angle, the control cavity in the body was cut in a different manner, and the neck tennon was longer. Starting in 1969, the Custom also adopted a multi-ply body construction with a Maple top like the Les Standard, where the original Les Paul Custom used an all Mahogany body. By 1977, the traditional two ply was again the standard on the Les Paul Custom. The neck volute introduced in 1970 was also phased out by 1980. 

Years of Production: 
1953 - 1960 (switched to SG body), 1968 - present

Body Style: Single cutaway solidbody

Wood Composition: Mahogany body, Maple top, Mahogany or Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard

Design Elements:  Two humbucker pickups, block inlays, four control knobs, three-way pickup selector, black pickguard, bound fingerboard, stopbar tailpiece and Tune-o-matic bridge, nickel hardware, headstock inlay

Finish Specifications: Silverburst was original offered in 1979.

Notable Les Paul Players: Jimmy Page, Slash, Neil Young, Alex Lifeson, Pete Townshend