Ludwig 5x14 Acrolite Reissue 2010s Matte Aluminum

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $155$240

Produced as an instructional snare for students in 1963, the Ludwig Acrolite quickly gained renown through the music world for the instrument's dry, aggressive "crack" and became a favorite among rock drummers. Made from a single aluminum sheet in a matte finish and housed in 2.3mm triple-flanged chrome hoops and bowtie lugs, the Acrolite is a durable piece of equipment with a refined edge. The 5x14 model benefits from a shallower depth with utmost sensitivity and a focused, sharp attack. The Acrolite was reissued in 2012-13 due to popular demand.

Years of Production2012-2013

Shell: Beaded Aluminum

Finish: Matte Aluminum

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