Fender Bandmaster 1956 Tweed

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $4,000$6,000

The classic Fender Bandmaster is one of Fender's most iconic early amplifiers.  As was the case with most vintage Fender amps, the Bandmaster underwent a series of both cosmetic and electronic design changes through its production. Bandmaster started out as a 1 by 15-inch combo before expanding to a 3 by 10-inch combo in 1955. Later it was switched to a piggyback head-combo set with white tolex.  Like most vintage amps, valuation on the Bandmaster is highly impacted by condition and originality of components. 

Years of Production: 1953 - 1973

Features: Three 10-inch speakers, tremolo, 5 control knobs, 15 watts

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