Epiphone Zephyr 1944 Sunburst

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  • $1,100$1,600

The Zephyr was an early electric archtop design by Epiphone. Originally, the Zephyr had an oblong pickup with large pole pieces near the bridge. By the mid-40s, the pickup position had shifted to be more in-line with the top of the F-holes. The model was discontinued when Gibson purchased Epiphone, the name has been reused since.

Years of Production: 
1939 - 1957

Unique to this Year: Pickup changes position part way through year. 

Wood Composition:  Laminated Curly Maple body, Rosewood fingerboard

Design Elements: Single-bound top, F-holes, two control knobs, trapeze tailpiece, block inlays, Epiphone nameplate on headstock

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