Roland Juno-60

Reverb Estimated Used Price Range

  • $1,665$2,580

The Juno 60 is the big brother to Roland's Juno 6, adding 56 memory locations for patch storage to its six voice polysynth architecture. Otherwise the 60 is largely unchanged, featuring a single DCO with suboscillator per voice, the same classic filter found on the Jupiter series, and hardware generated envelopes, it retains the warmth and punch the Juno series is renowned for. While lacking the MIDI implementation found on the later Juno 106, its analog envelopes and IR3109 filter chip contribute to its better sound quality, making it the most valued of the Juno series. 

Years of Production: 1982

Number of Keys: 61

Polyphony: 6 voices

I/O: Audio, CV

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