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Low Fees

Selling Fee
per item
Selling Fee

List as many items as you want for free. If they sell, Reverb's selling fee is only 3.5% - no matter what.

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Reverb Payments
2.7% + $0.25
per transaction
2.9% + $0.30
per transaction
Transaction Fee

Banks (and PayPal) charge fees to transfer money between buyers and sellers. Reverb Payments minimizes those fees, and provides protection above and beyond other payment processors.

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Helpful Price Guides

Don't know how much your gear is worth? Our Price Guide will tell you based on real-time transactional information.

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Reach More Musicians

Millions of musicians, gear fanatics, and collectors shop on Reverb every month — we'll get your gear in front of them. Listings on Reverb are regularly advertised through Google and our partner sites, and our favorites make it into emails, social media promotion, and Handpicked Collections.

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Easy Shipping

Use our Shipping Estimator to figure out exactly how much to charge, then buy and print shipping labels directly from us when your gear sells.

"Reverb and the people that work there are musicians that understand the universal in-and-out flow of gear. Sometimes you need to do a bit of spring cleaning and they make it really simple and don't gouge you with tons of fees. It's my go-to for finding new tools for making music and for getting rid of the ones that I don't need anymore."

Matt Chamberlain (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden)
Matt's Reverb Shop

"Our sales on Reverb eclipsed our sales on Amazon for the first time and we continue to see our numbers grow. We were an early adopter of Reverb and will keep investing in our presence there as I believe it's an integral sales platform for the future of selling gear."

Jon Haber, Alto Music
Alto Music's Reverb Shop

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