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Dos and Don'ts for Listing on Reverb

Part of our commitment to making Reverb the best place to buy and sell gear online is to maintain a certain set of standards and requirements for all the listings on the site. Below you'll find details on the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of making a great listing on Reverb, as well as our policies on what can and cannot be listed.

Prohibited Items

We welcome the listing of all kinds of items that make music happen. There are, however, some items that may be related to music and gear that we do not permit the sale of on Reverb. These include:

  • Illegal Copies and Counterfeits. Reverb strictly prohibits the sale of instruments and other products that infringe upon trademark and copyright. Instruments in question must provide pictures of all logos, serial numbers and other identifying information to be eligible for listing. If you are unsure about a specific item or wish to report an item that may fall into this category, please contact us.
  • Materials from Endangered Species. Instruments or other items using materials from endangered species cannot be sold on Reverb. Material such as tortoiseshell or ivory may be prohibited, however, there are some examples of antique items that are legal to sell which are fine to list with us.
  • General Electronics. While plenty of cellphones, computers and other consumer electronics can certainly be used for music-making, we do not permit their sale on the site without dedicated audio recording hardware included. For example, a computer with a bundled interface or a GoPro camera capable of capturing simultaneous audio and video are acceptable, but computers without audio hardware or standard cameras are not.
  • CDs and Vinyl. If it's not an educational recording, we aren't able to have it listed on You're welcome to list CDs and Vinyl on Reverb LP though.
  • Lessons and Services. At this time, Reverb does not support listings for lessons, recording, repairs, mods, and other musical services.
  • Recreation Headstock Decals. We do not allow the sale of recreation headstock decals for brands such as Fender, Gibson and others as these can be used in trademark infringing replications. In cases where a buyer needs a new decal, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly.
  • Concert Tickets. While concerts are certainly something that help people experience music, we cannot guarantee the validity of resale tickets and therefore don't allow their sale on the site.
  • Offensive or Hateful Images and Symbols. Reverb does not permit the sale of gear or the use of images that denigrate any race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation, unless there is established and recognized historic, artistic, social or political value in the gear or image. Reverb will carefully review any such listings in order to provide a fair and reasonable resolution, but Reverb retains the sole right to make any final determination on this issue.
  • Used Software, Licenses, or Unapproved Digital Products. In an effort to ensure the authenticity and legality of all digital products on Reverb, we do not allow the sale or transfer of software licenses outside of approved direct downloads or brand new boxed software from authorized dealers. Direct downloads not through Reverb Digital are strictly prohibited. Additionally, sound libraries or applications on physical media and license transfers without corresponding hardware are also disallowed.
  • Drop Shipped Inventory. In order to ensure speedy delivery and outstanding service on gear sold through Reverb, we do not permit the use of drop shipping. Please limit your listings to things you have in stock and are able to ship direct in a timely manner.

Listing Descriptions and Titles

We strive to keep all listings on Reverb informative, clear and relevant to the product being sold to help inform potential buyers. Here are some tips to make sure your descriptions and titles fall in-line with our policies and recommendations:


  • Full, detailed information on the item at hand.
  • Disclosure of any known issues, repairs or adjustments made to the item.
  • A clear, concise title that simply states what item you are selling.
  • Reasonable and accurate pricing within the realistic range of what the item might actually sell for.


  • Phone numbers, emails or any other contact info. We require all communication between buyers and sellers stay on our the site using our messaging and offer tools.
  • Bank / wire transfers, cash, or other offsite transactions. Reverb has plenty of options for a safe transaction that we can support in case of any issues.
  • Links to other sites where the item may be for sale.
  • All-caps typing. Trust us, no one likes reading anything in all caps.
  • Emoji. We love them as much as you do, but unfortunately including them in your listings can mess up search results.
  • Language encouraging trades or listing potential trade wants.
  • Irrelevant/unrelated brand names or "keywords" to boost the listing search results.
  • Inappropriate language. Aggressive, disparaging, abusive or derogatory language directed at individuals or groups, whether on the Reverb platform or off of it.
  • "Brand New" on Used Gear. "Brand New" condition is only applicable to gear directly from dealers / suppliers at the retail or wholesale levels. When re-selling, gear should be listed as Mint or lower.
  • "Brand New" from Unauthorized Dealers. For brands that utilize explicit agreements authorizing eCommerce sales or third-party sites, only dealers with current agreements can utilize Brand New condition. For customer clarity, previously authorized dealers should list inventory purchased under lapsed agreements as Mint, but are free to detail the unplayed condition and any valid warranties in the description.



  • High resolution images. Don't feel like you have to cut down on size and resolution to save space. At minimum, square images should be 620px pixels. Images less than 150px in any dimension will not be accepted.
  • As many pictures as you have. Reverb allows up to 25 images for each listing.
  • Details of all wear, tear, logos and serial numbers.
  • For more tips on taking gear pictures, take a look at our post on the fundamentals of smartphone photography.


  • Phone numbers, URLs or other contact info.
  • Obtrusive watermarks of any kind.
  • Borders and other distracting alterations, including graphics or text.
  • Collaged images.
  • Stock images. We do permit authorized dealers to use stock images on Brand New items only.
  • Placeholders. Be sure you have original, up-to-date images of the gear when you're ready to list; no coming soon images allowed.
  • Borrowed / non-original images. Only your own original images can be featured on your listings.
  • Screenshots. Listings accept all kinds of image file types, so please upload images in their original format.
  • Irrelevant images. People, banners, rock stars and anything else that doesn't display the item.
  • Explicit or adult imagery. Reverb is a site for musicians of all ages, please take the time to censor any material not appropriate for that audience or your listing may be subject to suspension.
  • Boxed gear images. Potential buyers must be able to assess the physical condition of an item before purchasing. In cases of sealed items, authorized dealers may use stock pictures, but individual sellers' images must show the item out of the packaging.

Disallowed Listing Actions

Apart from the content of each listing, there are some actions we do not permit when selling through Reverb:

  • Please do not end a listing and re-list the same item in a different listing. Believe us, this will actually work against you when finding a buyer.
  • Do not artificially inflate the price of an item only to drop it later. We consider this spam and grounds for suspension of the listing.
  • Listing the same used item multiple times in duplicate listings, whether from the same account or multiple accounts, is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of the listings.
  • Multiple instances of the same Brand New item retailing $2000 or more in Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Drums and Percussion, Folk Instruments or Band and Orchestra may be posted as individual listings to showcase variations in weight, wood grain, serial number, fit and finish provided they are accompanied by detailed original photography and descriptions. All other Brand New inventory of the same UPC must track inventory on a single listing.

Shop Home Pages

In addition to the listings themselves, we also have some guidelines to follow when setting up your shop page. You can edit your shop details on this page.


  • A shop name of your choosing. Keep it civil and have some fun!
  • An interesting and full banner that adds some personality to your shop.
  • A description that tells potential buyers a little about yourself and the kinds of gear you go for.


  • Phone numbers, URLs or other contact info in your shop banner, video or description.
  • Irrelevant or potentially offensive information in your shop description.