Grant Information

Grant Information

Making the world
more musical.

Making the world
more musical.

Thank you for submitting your applications to the 2018 Reverb Play and Learn Grant. The grant application is now closed. The Reverb Foundation will be in touch via email with updates on the process.

2018 Play & Learn Grant Information

The Reverb Foundation is now offering Play & Learn grants to deserving music organizations across the nation.

Reverb Foundation Play & Learn grants will help nonprofit and charitable organizations increase music education, access, and engagement. We want to spend our first year of grant making partnering with organizations to learn about your challenges and successes and how your organization defines and measures impact.

Funding Overview

$350,000 in grant funding will be available to nonprofit, charitable organizations across the United States whose missions align with the Reverb Foundation.

Funding Amount

Grant award amounts can range from $999 - $5,000+. Should your funding request exceed $5,000, we will require a phone conversation with your organization prior to granting funds.

Funding Limitations

  • Reverb Foundation will consider funding requests for operational costs (such as salary, benefits, and indirect costs).
  • Reverb Foundation will need to approve any funds for third-party contracts or any funds sub-granted to external organizations (such as consultants).
  • Only one grant application per organization allowed.

Funding Areas

Reverb Foundation Play & Learn grant applications are available for organizations working in the following areas:

  • Music education access for kids and adults
  • Creating music engagement opportunities for all
  • Supporting gear, instruments, or other music equipment acquisition for music education and access
  • Requests for infrastructure and operational capacity support for nonprofit music organizations will be considered
  • Requests for creating or expanding partnerships with peer nonprofit organizations to create and expand music access will be considered

Application Timeline

Monday, January 8, 2018 - Application opens
Friday, February 9, 2018 - Application closes

All applications must be submitted by Friday, February 9, 2018 at 11:59PM


Charitable organizations and nonprofits across the United States hustling non-stop to create more opportunities for music access - please apply!

If your organization is not of charitable or nonprofit status, we still want to hear about how you’re making the world more musical. Visit the application link to share.

What are the components of the application?

  • Reverb Foundation is using Typeform, a survey tool, to collect applications.
  • The application includes a mix of short answer and multiple choice questions, as well as Grant Proposal Narrative template.
  • Grant Proposal Narratives should be composed in Word or Google Doc formats.
  • Grant Application Narrative will be uploaded in section 4 of the Typeform.
  • Review Grant Application Narrative template before starting your Typeform application, as the Typeform Application can not save drafts.

Grant Application Question Structure

  1. Let’s Get Started: Eligibility Screen (yes/no)
  2. Contact Information (short answer)
    1. Name
    2. Title
    3. Email
    4. Phone Number
    5. Organization’s Name
    6. Organization’s Mailing Address
    7. Organization’s Website
  3. Organizational Profile (short answer)
    1. Please share your organization’s mission statement.
    2. Please list all the state(s) your organization serves. States Served
    3. Please list all cities you serve in each state.
    4. Please share your organization’s strategic/long-term plan.
    5. Please share your organization’s approach to diversity and inclusion.
  4. Project Proposal
    1. What is your project focus? (multiple choice)
    2. What funding amount are you requesting? (multiple choice)
    3. 10-Question Project Proposal Narrative:


Please contact Molly Fannin, Director of the Reverb Foundation.

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