Real time update with Reverb Webhooks

If you want to receive updates when things at Reverb are changing, we have a webhook system that allows for this. This is a great way to build features based on when one of your listings is updated at Reverb, or when an order is created.

Available events

Below, you'll find an example of how to register for webhooks. Currently valid events are:

  • listings/update
  • orders/create

More events will be added over time. If you are looking for a particular event, please ask on our API form


Webhooks will eventually contain a header with an HMAC signature so that you can verify that it came from us. For now, if you want to use webhooks and want to be sure that the post came from Reverb, register your webhooks at a secret url. For example, you may have a url such as with a secret hash on the end. Only Reverb will know this endpoint, so requests are less likely to be forged. Please keep in mind that this system is not foolproof, though if used correctly and the endpoint never exposed publicly, it is generally safe. A true signature-based security system is coming soon.

Webhook contents

When a webhook is posted, it will contain in its body, the standard json representation of the object in question. For example, a listings/update will render a listing object (same as /api/listings/[id]), and an orders/update will render an order object.

Webhook testing

You must register webhooks for publicly accessible urls on the internet, so things like localhost will not work. If you want to test webhooks, one option is to register them with a service that captures such things, such as RequestBin. This service will allow you to capture the webhook body and inspect it.