Product Review Guidelines

Product Review Guidelines

Share Your Experience to Help Other Musicians

Your insights about the products you've owned or purchased on Reverb help other musicians make the right buying decisions. Share your experience with the world. Let them know if a piece of gear is amazing or just ok. Both are helpful.

How to Write an Informative Product Review

  • Include the "why" or "why not":
    Great reviews lay out not just whether you liked or did not like a product, but also why you feel that way.
  • Talk about specific features:
    Discuss what sounds certain features allow you to create. Compare it to other products you've used to give people more perspective.
  • Discuss build quality and ease of use:
    Does the gear hold up? What are the best and worst parts of how it's made? What parts are easy to use? Which are difficult?
  • Not too short or too long:
    Reviews should be at least 40-50 words. The ideal length is 100-500 words.
  • Add your personality:
    Make your review fun to read by being witty or including a personal story about what your gear means to you.

What Not to Include in a Product Review

Including the following types of content will result in your review being blocked. We read every review written and reserve the right to block publication due to content, language, or other issues.

  • Your seller or shipping experience:
    Feedback about a seller, your shipping experience, or comments about packaging are not product reviews and should be shared when you leave feedback for a seller.
  • Inappropriate Content:
    Reviews may not contain mailing addresses, phone numbers, links to other websites or services, offers to sell something, or another reviewer's material. Do not quote or copy a review already on Reverb or any other site.
  • Hate speech or offensive content:
    Reviews may not include content that is vulgar, profane, obscene, defamatory, threatening, or discriminatory. They may not express intolerance for other people based on race, gender, age, sexual preference, nationality, or religion. Encouraging illegal activity, violence, or abuse of others is not allowed.
  • Promotional Reviews:
    To preserve the integrity of reviews, we do not permit the makers, designers, publishers, or creators of a product to write reviews of their own product, post negative reviews on competing products, or to vote on the helpfulness of reviews.

Examples of Well-Written Reviews

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