Reverb Product Bundles

Reverb Product Bundles

What are Reverb Product Bundles?

Product Bundles allow sellers to combine popular items at a discounted rate, helping buyers to choose the right gear (and save money) while giving sellers a powerful tool to increase order volume. Everybody wins! Product bundles are only available with Reverb Payments, so make sure you're enrolled.

product bundle example

How product bundles look on a listing page

How do I create Bundles?

Only Preferred Sellers can create product bundles at this time.
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Find an item you would like to create a bundle for in your listings manager. Click the edit button dropdown and select "Create Bundle" from the menu.

find main item to bundle


On the Create Bundle page, search your listings to select an add-on item.

You can search for and add multiple add-on items to create bundles of two, three, or more items. Customers only get the discount if they buy the whole bundle.

Search for Add-on item


Set the price of the add-on item for when it's purchased with the main item, then choose whether you want to offer free shipping on the add-on item when bundled.

The main item will always use the shipping rates you've specified for each region. The add-on item will also use your specified shipping rates by region unless you check the free shipping box when creating the bundle.

Choose Add-on price