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Whether it’s the hot new product releases customers are clamoring for after NAMM, items that are temporarily out of stock at your shop, or a new project from the workbench of an independent builder – our pre-order feature allows you to get sales before you have inventory in stock.

Dealers: Get Sales on Hot New Products and Restocks

Let’s say you came home from NAMM with dozens of POs for a product that’s not in stock yet. Set up a pre-order, specify the ship date based on when the product will arrive, and start selling immediately.

Builders: Build For Demand

Custom builders and luthiers now have a way to release products that take time to build. Set up your listing for pre-order and specify lead time.

When will payment arrive?

Funds are typically sent to your account within a week of the order being placed.

What if I don’t know the ship date?

Most suppliers give a ship date estimate for new product deliveries. Be conservative with your estimates. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver.

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