Inventory Import/Export

Inventory Import/Export

The Reverb Import tool is the easiest and most efficient way to manage and update your inventory. By using a simple spreadsheet format, you can quickly add new items to your Reverb shop and update existing listings with a single click.

How it Works

What's Required When Importing New Listings

Before we can import your listings, your shop will need to have the following information:

  • Completed shipping policy, payment policy, and return policy.
  • Note: All these policies can be adjusted on individual listings, but we do require a baseline to add to new listings created via import
  • All listings imported to Reverb must also conform to our listing standards and protocol. Please take a moment to review our listing guidelines and standards to ensure that your listings comply.

How the Different Columns Work

Generally speaking, the columns on the spreadsheet follow the fields on the listing page such as make, model, year and finish. There are, however, a few special columns in place to make the import process run smoothly:

  • For the new_listing column, enter "TRUE" for every new listing you are creating and "FALSE" if you're just updating an existing listing. Note: the new_listing column is not required if all listings have a unique SKU.
  • The shipping_profile column needs an entry. First head here to make shipping profiles and then enter the profile name(s) in this column.
  • The inventory column is for Brand New and Mint condition items only. Please leave the inventory field blank for listings in any condition less than mint.
  • If you enter "0" in the Inventory column for a new or existing listing, the listing will automatically be ended.
  • Any sold out or ended listings with a new inventory of 1 or more will be made live again.

Reconciling and Updating Existing Listings

  • If you are updating listings, your CSV must have a SKU column, and your listings must be referenced by SKU.
  • All columns present in a Reverb export of listings can be modified except for state, images, and SKU.

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