Make money in the Reverb App Store

Make money in the Reverb App Store

The Reverb App Store provides many opportunities for developers to create value for users and to make money. Let’s take a look at a few approaches.

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Monthly billing - great for seller-side apps

Billing and credit card processing is the hardest part of making an app, so we made it easy for you. When you build a Reverb integrated app, you don’t think about billing at all.

Just designate a monthly charge for your app. After the first month of free trial, users who install the app will be auto-billed on their monthly statement. Reverb will pay 80% of the revenue directly to your bank account.

This approach is great for apps that enhance the seller experience. You can develop rich dashboards that pull data and functionality from many Reverb APIs together, or automate some part of a seller workflow.

Earn affiliate revenue with apps for buyers

If you’re developing a buyer-side app, for example something that helps buyers spot deals on the site, you might want to make your app free, and make money on the transactions.

By signing up for the Reverb Affiliate program you can make money when users buy anything through your app.

E-Commerce integrations with external billing systems

We have lots of examples of great apps that integrate into external platforms and other app stores, such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, and WooCommerce.

If you’re building for an external platform, Reverb provides rich APIs to let you sync listings, orders, messages, and much more across platforms. If your app runs fully outside the Reverb eco-system, you can develop your own billing system. Contact us to get your external integration listed in our app store.