Reverb Layaway

Reverb Layaway

How it works

Our Layaway program is only available to a select group of Reverb Preferred Sellers, which they can use to offer a layaway plan to individual buyers attached to an offer. Buyers can't initiate layaway plans at this time, but may request a layaway offer through messages. The seller has no additional fees for a layaway purchase. Buyers can only pay for layaway orders via Reverb Payments.

Select sellers can add layaway terms to a counter or push offer

Choose the desired down payment amount and timeframe

Layaway terms are attached to the offer, the buyer can counter with or without the terms

How to send an offer

Eligible sellers can attach layaway terms to any offer they push to the buyer via the "Add Layaway Terms" link. The buyer will then have the option to accept, decline, or counter the offer with the existing terms, or without any layaway terms. Buyers can't propose a new layaway plan.

After a layaway offer is accepted

Once a buyer has accepted a layaway offer, they'll pay the initial down payment that the seller offered. They'll then have 30, 60, or 90 days, depending on the agreed upon layaway terms, to finish paying off the cost of the item. Buyers can make as many payments as they like toward the item, as long as the payment is completed by the final day. Standard credit card processing fees apply to each payment made.

If the buyer doesn't pay off the item within the layaway timeframe, Reverb's Support team will follow up with them to make sure they have a last opportunity to complete the payment. If they don't finish paying the item by the end of the layaway plan terms, the buyer will forfeit the down payment, but will be refunded every other payment made on the item.

After the payment is complete, the layaway order is just like any other order, with Reverb Protection ready to step in to take care of any order issues.

Buyer & seller protection

We protect sellers during a layaway transaction by guaranteeing the down payment to the seller. If the buyer is unable to satisfy the layaway terms, the seller will receive the down payment, the buyer will be refunded any subsequent payments, and the item can then be re-listed. After the layaway item is paid off, the buyer is protected by Reverb Protection.

Get Set Up with Reverb Layaway

Reverb layaway is a great tool for both buyers and sellers. If you want to learn more about how to add this feature to your shop, feel free to contact our sales team at