Reverb's Gifts for DJs & Producers

Reverb's Gifts for DJs & Producers

Ableton Live Standard Starter Kit


An exclusive Ableton Live Standard starter kit that includes everything you need to start making music. Delivered in a beautifully designed and pre-wrapped gift box, this is the perfect gift for any musician who wants to make and record music.

Korg Minilogue


Whether you're looking to create the classic brass leads of Vangelis or the effervescent synth pop chords of CHVRCHES, the Minilogue is a synth that can go vintage to modern without breaking the bank or your back

Moog Mother-32


This monophonic semi-modular synth sports a 32-step sequencer, Ladder filter for high-pass/low-pass, external audio and MIDI inputs, and can be operated either standalone or inside of your favorite Eurorack frame.

KRK Rokit 8 Studio Monitors


With their Glass-Aramid composite subwoofer for booming lows, these monitors make the perfect gift for audio engineers involved in projects with bass-heavy projects in the genres of rap, EDM, and pop.

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer


This Bass Line synthesizer is perfect and portable option for any synth enthusiast. It features coveted TV sequencing with write and playback modes and USB/MIDI connectivity so that it can integrate with your other gear.

Shure SRH240A Headphones


Comfortable for long listening sessions and with noise-cancelling technology, these closed-back cans make a great choice whether you’re trying to drown out the hum of your morning commute or listen to your new record at home.

Gator G-Club DJ Bag


This bag is large enough to hold 35 records in a dedicated compartment and your Serato-style controller in another dedicated compartment. It also features four accessories pockets, making this the best gift for a DJ who wants to protect all of the gear they’ve invested in.

Mono EFX Producer Bag


The Mono EFX "The Producer" case is a perfect example of designing around the way people actually behave. DJs will love the separate compartments for a controller and a laptop, as well as additional space for hard drives, cords and anything else you might need for a session.

Ableton Push 2


From melodic playing to drum sequencing and sample chopping to synth sound design, the Push 2 gives you hands on control over every aspect of music creation in Ableton Live. If you're serious about working in Ableton, the Push 2 is a must have instrument.

Novation Launchpad Mini


Small enough to fit in a backpack, the Novation Launchpad Mini is an inexpensive MIDI controller that allows you to switch between launching clips, programming drums, playing instruments, and mixing all on the go. A great gateway into MIDI controls for any aspiring DJ.