Father's Day Gifts for Musicians

Buying gifts for dad can be a real pain, especially if he won't say what he's looking for. If your father's a music fanatic or a long-running musician, there's no better place to find a Father's Day gift than Reverb. Check out our suggestions below—we've got gifts for everybody from vinyl collectors to lead guitarists.

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For the Audiophile

If your dad has a curated, alphabetized vinyl collection (or playlist, for that matter), he'll probably appreciate an upgrade to his sound system. We've got modern and vintage turntables, wireless speakers, and headphones in all shapes and sizes.


Wireless Speakers


For the Dad in a Band

Your dad might be pretty particular about his rig, but that doesn't mean you can't get a heartfelt gift. A new, high-quality strap, case, or tuner is a great way to help him upgrade his setup.




For the Aficionado

Pigtail Guitar Hanger

Part of being a musician is being able to show off your gear. It's true! The Pigtail Guitar Hanger offers a unique design that's perfect for tight accommodations, ensuring your instrument is only ever an arms length away. Add to that a Found Sound tee, music cap or studio chair, and dad's good to go.

Found Space Shirt

Music Man Hat

Ampeg Stool

Ernie Ball Hat

For Music on the Go

Even if your dad has a great hi-fi setup and a pretty great guitar rig, there are still a few ways you can add some extra music to his life. We've collected some gear gadgets - low cost, compact synths and pocket amps that are fun for any musician to toy with.

Gear Gadgets

Moog Theremini

Pocket Amp