Reverb is a very small and lean team and we are very selective as to who we take on as our developers. This is a chance to be on the ground floor of something huge, but you must show dedication and perseverance and ability to quickly learn to operate in an environment that involves lots of moving parts.

Our apprenticeship typically lasts 6 months during which you will work on real production code while studying additional resources on your own time to take you from good to great. We will be improving your skills in OOP, refactoring, architecture, data modeling, ops, command line knowledge, and etc. For more experienced developers (typically up to 2 years or with prior experience in roles not related to very large scale apps), the apprenticeship period may last 1.5 or 3 months.

Dedicated pairing time with experienced senior developers

A minimum 1-2 hours per day with a senior developer working on real production code. We each have 10-15 years of experience in the software and startup worlds, and can offer a lot of insight and mentorship to help you improve.

Own a project

By week 4 you will take ownership and lead of a project with continued mentorship and pairing time from the senior devs.

Weekly 1-on-1 with the CTO

Weekly 1 on 1 session for technical mentorship, personal development, feedback, etc

Bi-weekly reading/video/blog assignments

You will learn advanced development topics, and present and discuss them with us.

Vim training

To be an expert developer you must also be exceptionally quick at the keyboard. We will make sure you’re working at blazing speed so you can think more and type less. You’ll need to put in time at home to practice.

Blog about your experience

We will ask you to blog about your experience as an apprentice, maybe once every two weeks or more frequently if you like.

Hiring & Salary

This is a paid apprenticeship lasting 6 months. The pay will be less than a full time salary but at the 6 month mark, we will decide whether to hire you or offer you a recommendation to help you get hired somewhere else. Once you join the team fully, you’ll enjoy full benefits including insurance, a salary appropriate to your newly gained experience level, flexible vacation time, music gear discounts, and stock option plan.

Additional responsibilities

This is a startup - that means you’re expected to be self sufficient and self motivated and extremely vocal when you’re blocked on something. Expect to play product owner as much as developer and wrap your mind around the business, be aware of what’s going on, and take ownership!

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