A Special Offer Just for You


For a limited time (until we run out), make a qualifying purchase of $300 or more.


Within 24 hours, Reverb Bucks will be placed directly in your account.


Spend your Reverb Bucks before the end of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my order qualifies?

Only users who are notified during checkout are eligible for this special promotion. Qualifying orders must be your first purchase on Reverb (one per address), placed in the US, and $300 USD or more (before tax and shipping costs). You must be logged in when you make your purchase (i.e. Guest Checkout orders are not eligible).

When Do My Bucks Expire?

You have until January 1st, 2019 to spend your Reverb Bucks.

What can I spend my Reverb Bucks on?

Reverb Bucks can be used on listings from any seller that accepts Reverb Payments. You can easily filter to listings that accept Reverb Bucks using the sidebar:

How can I spend my Reverb Bucks?

Once you have the Reverb Bucks in your account, select “Credit/Debit Card or Reverb Bucks” during the checkout of an eligible listing, then "Proceed to Checkout": the Reverb Bucks will be automatically deducted from the order total. If the Reverb Bucks don't cover the entirety of the order total, you will be prompted to enter your second payment method (credit or debit card) to finalize the purchase.

How can I view my Reverb Bucks balance?

Once you’re logged into your Reverb Account, scroll over your account icon located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. (If you haven’t set up an account icon, this will look like a grey silhouette of a person.) Your current Reverb Bucks balance will be displayed below your name.

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