ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Vexter Junky Modulation Chorus Vibrato Guitar Effects Pedal
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Based around Zvex's original Lo-fi Loop Junky, the Vexter Series Instant Loop Junky allows you to make your instrument sound as if it is being playing through a well loved vinyl record or old dirty tape machine. This pedal will compress your tone and add ebb and flow to the signal with subtle chorus and vibrato effects for an overall nostalgic sound. Like other Zvex pedals, the Lo-fi Junky is available in a hand-painted enclosure.

Product Specs

  • Vexter Series Instant Lo-Fi Junky Chorus/Vibrato
  • Silver with Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Taiwan

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Reviews for the ZVex Instant Lo-fi Junky Vexter Chorus/Vibrato
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  • Verified Purchase

    the heavy blanket compression really kills the musicality of this one for me. even all the way set to lo-fi. can def get some hip chorus/vibe sounds but they get buried by compression. maybe better for other instruments but didn't mesh well with my guitar tone.

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  • Attack on compression makes this harsh

    Verified Purchase

    The design of this feels very lazy. The vibrato and tone sounds great, but the compression circuit is overly aggressive. The attack of the compressor is harsh causing audible clicks and pops that spike far above the rest of the signal once the compressor is steady. The "comp" and "lo-fi" mix knob is…

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  • i gotta zilch

    not worth the hype - totally overpriced - i would rather a drunken monkey or a flickrr

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  • Lo fi heaven

    Verified Purchase

    It could be even better with less compression and more lo fi junk. It’s my go to pedal for fucking shit up.

  • Mighty fine pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I owned this pedal once. I sold it to buy a strat. Which I don’t regret, I love my strat. But there is no substitute for the Lofi junky! So I got another. Quality components. The knobs feel great. The rate can go extremely slow or really fast. It’s really 3 pedals in 1, chorus, compressor and lofi…