Zildjian A Custom A2057911 Box Set 14" / 16" / 20" / 18" Cymbal Pack


The Zildjian A Custom A2057911 Box Set is an all-in-one package curated with the most popular models of one of the world's most popular cymbal series. Bright, bold, and ultimately musical, this pack brings together a pair of 14" medium hi-hats, a set of 16" and 18" medium-thin crashes, and a 20" ride, these cymbals are handpicked to get you up and running from the practice space to the stage. Ideal for A Custom enthusiasts or players looking to make a complete switch from darker to brighter cymbals.

Product Specs

  • A Custom A2057911 Box Set 14/16/20/18" Cymbal Pack
  • Brilliant
  • 2010s

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