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Developed as the company's flagship series, K Constantinople cymbals are crafted to emulate the handmade cymbals Zildjian produced in the early 20th Century while still in Turkey. Designed to develop a more complex character as they age, each cymbal is hand-hammered, producing unique attributes even between cymbals of the same size and model.

The 24" Light Ride is marked by an enormous, washy presence, atmospheric response and an ease of crashing. This cymbal was discontinued in 2012.

 Years of production: 1998-2012

Composition: Zildjian Secret Alloy (80% copper, 20% tin, traces of silver)

Notable players: Ringo Starr, Billy Cobham, Glenn Kotche

Product Specs

  • 24" K Constantinople Light Ride Cymbal
  • Traditional
  • Traditional
  • 1999 - 2003
Made In
  • United States