Crafted with open pinpoint lathing to improve the stick articulation and wash in tandem, a larger bell for improved volume to get to the back of the house, and an even weight through the bow for a balanced character, the Zildjian 22" K Custom Medium Ride is a staple of the K family. Favored by jazz and rock drummers alike, this cymbal is highly responsive and its presence, be it loud or soft, acts accordingly to the feel of the player. An excellent option for both seasoned studio vets who want a workhorse ride or gigging musicians demanding high musicality from their kit.

Product Specs

  • 22" K Custom Medium Ride
  • Brilliant
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Zildjian 22" K Custom Medium Ride
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  • Another Great Ride From Zildjian

    Verified Purchase

    I have both the 22" K Custom Medium and the regular 22" K ride, and they are both fantastic cymbals. The K Custom Medium is a little heavier and darker. It has the right amount of wash, and the medium weight gives a little more clarity to the ping. It is a very versatile cymbal. Another winner from Zildjian!

  • Best K ride yet

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds superior in every way. Incredible definition, sparkle, and dry wash. Thick enough for great clarity but thin enough to achieve a shimmering crash. Highly recommended. -A Rea