Bringing together features like a lighter weight and thinner bow for quicker response, uniform, concentric lathing and hammering, and a smaller bell for a more focused attack, the Zildjian 18" K Custom Session Crash is built for adding immense versatility to any set up. Developed in tandem with recording legend Steve Gadd and the Zildjian Sound Lab, this model is designed to emulate Gadd's quick accents and cymbal work which translates well in either recording or live scenarios.

Product Specs

  • 18" K Custom Session Crash Cymbal
  • Traditional
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Zildjian 18" K Custom Session Crash
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  • Great Communication

    Verified Purchase

    Item was packed extremely well with foam around the edge of the cymbal. I’ve seen some really shotty packing jobs on cymbals so I was genuinely greatful at the effort put forth in packing this. Great communication, great price for a signed cymbal.

  • Crashing My Life Away

    Verified Purchase

    What an incredible addition to my drumkit! This cymbal can be played so many different ways, like many cymbals however it's true quality brings out the creativty! I am very thankful to have it!

  • Zildjian K Series?

    Verified Purchase

    Quality material and manufacturing Kind of old school Except for the Sessions More like Paiste Signatures in tone and appearance than other K's Like most cymbals - no two alike It's a toss of the dice if you can't strike them You might get "great" or you might get "nice" However with the Sessions …