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The Zildjian K Hybrid Series was developed in tandem with legendary session drummer Akira Jimbo to reflect his eclectic playing style and inclinations. All cymbals within this series feature a brilliant bell and inner bow and traditional outer bow and edge for a high degree of contrast and greater presence. As with all K cymbals, this series is hand-hammered.

The Trash Crash is constructed with a square "Oriental"-style bell and tight ring of hammering over the median of the bow for a more pronounced attack and complexity.

Years of Production: 2012-present

Composition: Zildijan Secret Alloy (80% copper, 20% tin, traces of silver)

Notable Players: Akira Jimbo, Joey Castillo, Bill Ward

Product Specs

  • 15" K Custom Hybrid Trash Crash Cymbal
  • Traditional / Brilliant
  • Traditional
  • 2009 - 2017
Made In
  • United States