Bringing together the famed brilliant finish and over-hammered bow on the interior of the cymbals and the traditional finish with traditional lathing on the outer bow, the Zildjian 14" K Custom Hybrid Hi-Hats are built for creating a signature sound. Translating Akira Jimbo's inventive design into a hi-hat format, the versatility found here allows for sounds from a bright, tight studio "chick" to a big, open wash within the space of playing a couple further down or up on the surface of the top hat. These hats also benefit from a volume boost thanks to the additional 1/4" on the traditional 14" layout.

Product Specs

  • 14.25" K Custom Hybrid Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)
  • Lathed Edge/Un-Lathed Bow and Bell
  • 2010s

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