Existing through various incarnations over four hundred years, Zildjian is the oldest cymbal company in operation and one of the oldest companies in the world. The company has been based in Norwell, MA for the better part of a century and is still presided over by the Zildjian family.

The brighter counterpart to the umbrous, hand-hammered character of the Ks, the Zildjian A series is still constructed with the was the company's Zildjian Secret Alloy and was the first to feature machine hammering.

Conceived in the '80s to provide the market with a hi-hat pairing complementary to the brighter pop music of the decade, the New Beat cymbals pair a medium top and medium-heavy bottom for a pronounced "chick" and crisper stick articulation than traditional cymbals.

This price reflects the top hat.

Years of production: 1980s-present

Notable players: Steve Gadd, Tony Royster, Carmine Appice

Product Specs

  • 14" A Series New Beat Hi-Hat Cymbal (Top)
  • Traditional
  • Traditional
  • 2013 - 2020
Made In
  • United States

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