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Reviews for the Yamaha TX802 1986
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  • Great FM Synth!

    Verified Purchase

    The TX802 is highly versatile synth that offers so much, for such an affordable price! With a fairly simple editing layout, which is only limited by ones understanding of FM synthesis. It's compact size, multi-timbrality, and great sounds make it excellent for hardware sequencing!

  • TX 802, pros and cons

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    Pro: This is an amazing, expressive, and complex FM synth, with better DACs and more polyphony than the DX7. Con: Programming a synth of this depth from the front panel, with what is essentially a touch-tone telephone keypad is near impossible. An editor is essential, and fortunately there are several options.

  • FM Synthesis Doesn't fail to deliver

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    Having only encountered FM voices via sample sets on other keyboards, the real thing is something completely different. Even though it is digital, it has a full, warm, rich, soulful character yet cutting sharp when evoked. One key artifact which FM has that samples lack Is this key release or reboun…