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The Yamaha MC7L is a digital live sound reinforcement console designed for permanent installation in medium-sized venues. A "Centralogic" touch panel interface offers instant control over the selected channel or an overview of 8 assigned groups. Each channel sports onboard digital dynamics and EQ, and each input has a recallable mic pre/line amp. Up to 300 scenes of the entire console can be stored and recalled.

The MC7L-48ES features 3 EtherSound ports to be used with 2 SB168-ES stageboxes and one permanent connection to a computer. I/O comes by way of 48 mono inputs, 4 stereo inputs, 16 mix busses, 8 matrix channels, 8 DCA groups, and 3 expansion slots.

Product Specs

  • M7CL-48ES
  • Blue
  • 2010s

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