Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor (Pair) Black
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The Yamaha HS5 is a compact powered studio monitor for the home studio, or even as a second reference in a professional control room. Calling upon the styling and function of the ubiquitous NS-10M monitors made popular in the 1980s, the HS5 adds built in bi-amplification for 70W of total power pushing a 5" woofer and a 1" tweeter. The sound is true and unflattering -- if it sounds good on these speakers, it's because it sounds good everywhere.

Product Specs

  • HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitor (Pair)
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Yamaha HS5 5" Powered Studio Monitors (Pair)
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  • David Villarreal, Music Teacher\Professioal Musician

    Verified Purchase

    These babies are awesome. They sound better than some of the professional studios that I have worked in. My only criticism is that there is no grill protecting the speaker. Working with kids, I will have to find a solution to this or I can expect a child's finger poking the cone and collapsing it...

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  • Verified Purchase

    I was going to go with a set of HS8 monitors but instead went with the HS5s and a presonus 10" sub. The dynamic range seems to my ears to be much better on the low end and the same on the mid and high end. I know this because the guy I share my office with uses the HS8 pair in the same room. I feel like I made the right call for my budget.

  • Pair of HS5s

    Verified Purchase

    These monitors are great, they sound full and meet my needs. Definitely high quality speakers. Shipping was expensive due to the weight but worth it.

  • Musician and producer

    Verified Purchase

    These are great for mixing in my home studio environment, and I'll definitely be taking them with me to a larger studio in the future. The sound is clear and responsive! Love them!

  • Happy musician

    Verified Purchase

    Love these speakers!