Product Specs

  • Super Sweet Boost
  • Red
  • 2019
Pedal Format
  • Mini

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Reviews for the Xotic Super Sweet Boost 2019
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  • Verified Purchase

    Love this pedal. Using it pre-effect chain for my bass rig. Sounds great and gives me just enough boost to get the tone I want. Highly recommend it.

  • Hard hitting

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal has a lot of output on tap. Can drive the front end of an amp with ease. Wish it had a Top Boost option.

  • How Sweet it is!

    Verified Purchase

    Very solid, transparent boost. Great for bringing the sizzle back at the end of my signal chain going into a Benson Hot Rod. Lots of boost, too. You could definitely use this alone to drive your clean channel to breakup (tough to do with my amp!) and your dirty channel to dustville if you're not …

  • Bravo!

    Verified Purchase

    Shape your tone curve and bring your tone to life . Every pedal you own now has at least six new your Klon? This will let you shape the signal to the frequency Klon likes best..... Fatten single coils, thin out humbuckers, add or subtract mids. It’s a pedal board must!