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Reviews for the Xotic BB Preamp Overdrive Pedal
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  • Works for what it was designed to do.

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    It's definitely a good option for an overdrive/ts type of pedal. Don't expect much distortion from the pedal but it will push your amp into creamy overdrive. I bought mine used on RV and while I like it I would not buy it new, much too costly for what is does.

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    The orange BB PRE-AMP IS A KICK ASS PEDAL, great overdrive- great clean boost, nice quality!! It’s a keeper on my board!!

  • May be the best pedal I have ever purchased!

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    Absolutely can get anything from a light bit of dirt to your sound all the way up to a great tube saturated overdrive. I find it best to keep it very light (leave it on all the time unless I need super clean) then add a distortion pedal afterwards.

  • Xotic BB Preamp Overdrive Pedal

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    My favorite dirt pedal

  • Transparent Distortion!

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    I play this thru my Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket and it is very touch sensitive and has the controls to balance the sound with my amp. Luv it