Product Specs

  • Utility Parametric EQ
  • Metal
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the WMD Utility Parametric EQ
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  • The best Tone I've Reached so far

    Verified Purchase

    When I started using this pedal, it became clear to me how I underestimated EQ pedals overall.. they are SO helpful at carving your tone. After using this, I can't compare to many others but I have to say that the Parametric approach seems way more usable than the slider approach.. I have an MXR te…

    1 person found this helpful

  • You Need This

    Verified Purchase

    You might think you don't. Instead of buying a bunch more drive and fuzz pedals, buy this and transform every pedal you have into what you want. A little knob twiddling on this pedal just makes the drive section of your pedalboard open up like a flower - or like the gates of hell, if you play heavy…

  • Compact & Effective

    Verified Purchase

    Small pedalboard estate. Wide ability to tweak EQ. Plenty of headroom. Very quiet compared to other parametric EQs. Think only Empress is comparable. Great pedal

  • Bad ass pedal

    Verified Purchase

    There are not a lot of parametric EQ pedals out there and the ones that are usually have 1 parametric mid freq and probably 2 shelving freqs at best. This has 3 with wide ranges and Q adjusting. I've heard people gripe about the small knobs but is that REALLY a big deal? (No pun intended) And do you…

  • WMD Noise Reduction

    Verified Purchase

    PERFECT for me - switch out to the Overdrive pedal - only - that way no soft and clean setting is not dampened. Perfecto!