The Warm Audio WA-412 is a four channel mic pre based on a classic American console preamp design, with discrete electronics and a lightning-fast, punchy sound. In addition to your standard mic pre features, the WA-412 adds an output trim and a "Tone" switch, which changes up the input impedance for a different sound. The discrete op-amps and Altran transformers give the WA-412 a clear tonality with tons of headroom, making it a great choice for drums, bass and electric guitars. If you're in need of a bank of mic inputs without breaking the bank, you need to try the Warm Audio WA-412

Product Specs

  • WA-412 4-Channel Mic Preamp
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Warm Audio WA-412 4-Channel Mic Preamp with DI
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  • Remarkable Value - Neve Sound All Day

    Verified Purchase

    I've worked in a few rooms with BAE 1073s and/or genuine racked 1073 modules. Warm knocked it out of the park on this one...are there subtle tonal differences between this and the original? Of course (but maybe not if you believe in brand bias and confirmation bias). But the sonic differences to …

  • Best pre on the market at this price, but it is NOT an API

    Read this whole review because I have spend enough time with API preamps to make an honest assessment of the Warm 412. There are positives and negatives to these preamps. First: Do not believe the marketing, these do not sound like API preamps. This unit was purchased when I wanted 4 more channels …

  • Want another one

    Verified Purchase

    Will likely buy another at some point.

  • Don't be afraid of this pre! It is your friend!

    Verified Purchase

    This is the first piece from Warm Audio that I have tried so far, as I am admittedly a bit of a snob, so I was a little nervous going into this, having been less than satisfied with most "clones" on the market in the past. Plus, Warm's previous bright orange color scheme just put me off for whateve…

  • Great Pre, Even better Price

    Verified Purchase

    My experience with this pre was, in an instant, great. I think I test audio gear more than I record. Ripped open the box super excited about hearing this API'ish sound. I am a drummer first so the promise of bigger, fatter drum tracks was more than enough to push me to purchase. Ironically, the v…