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Reviews for the Warm Audio WA-2A Tube Optical Compressor / Limiter
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  • WA-2A. as close to heaven as you can get

    Verified Purchase

    Is it exactly like the original - no. Is it so close that in a large and complex control room setup with a big tt patch bay system you could get yourself tied up with 'which line is which compressor?. most certainly. It has the sound and the look and feel. You won't be disappointed.

  • Good price

    Verified Purchase

    My first hardware compressor. Very nice.

  • In the spirit of LA2A

    Verified Purchase

    The Warm WA2A Optical compressor is a viable little brother to the infamous LA2A in quality and sound.

  • warm n toasty

    Verified Purchase

    delivers a good clean sound and improves everything that goes through it, you get what you pay for n satisfaction too ! ! !

  • Awesome!

    Verified Purchase

    The PROS: -I had an LA610 with a pseudo 2A in it, and this is a bit better than that optical compressor IMO. -Using on vocals (U87 mic -> BAE 1073 DMP) and it's smooth as buttah. Makes things sound really pro to "tape". Or as they say "Mix Ready" compression. -I like that you can use it as a COMP …

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The rear panel also features variable stereo linking for two units, as well as a "Pre-emphasis" control which gives you a sweepable high-pass filter in the sidechain to let low frequencies go through uncompressed. All-discrete circuitry with custom Cinemeg input and output transformers, primo vacuum tubes and a Kenetek opto cell provides an incredible vintage tone, giving a great big hug to any signal that passes through. Stunning on bass, acoustic guitars and vocals, the WA-2A is also super affordable, putting classic sound into any studio without having to sell any vital organs.