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The Defcon 4 is a combination boost and EQ pedal designed in close collaboration with Ryan Adams, offering four distinct stages of tone control starting with the Defcon 1 switch, which engages a 10db MOSFET boost. Atop that boost, you get three bands of EQ with individual toggle switches and rotary knobs to adjust the volume of each section. If you're playing a Strat or other single-coil instrument, you can use the Defcon 4 to boost your mids or roll off some of that high-end bite. If you're playing a Les Paul or something else with humbuckers, you can use the Defcon 4 to cut the low-end a bit to give your tone a little separation from the bass and drums.

Product Specs

  • Defcon 4 Boost
  • Graphic
  • 2018

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