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Reviews for the Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive
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  • Verified Purchase

    Amazing. Best overdrive pedal I have ever used.

  • Great Overdrive!

    Verified Purchase

    One of my favorite overdrive pedals! Great for just that little bit of extra grit and tone shaping with its two band control.

  • Perfect Preamp /Overdrive for a Unique Texture

    Verified Purchase

    I have nine Preamp / Overdrive / Distortion pedals divided into two different pedal boards. There are assigned one of three roles: Distortion, Overdrive or Amplifier Preamp. I put the 385 through its paces in each of the roles above. It worked well for each, Distortion with it "Dimed". I decided…

  • Amazing overdrive/distortion when used right

    Verified Purchase

    Ok, so, you need to have this running in from of the right amp, breaking up the right way before this thing hits it. On a perfectly clean amp, it's for sure cool, in between an overdrive and a distortion. On a mildly broken up amp tone, this is where it shines. Not only can you boost your volume…

  • Verified Purchase

    Really like this overdrive. Super dynamic sounding. Nice low-gain option. Can be a bit overboard on treble depending on your setup and settings, but overall a real cool option on the board.