Vox ToneLab SE Valvetronix Multi-Effects Floorboard

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Featuring a dual-pedal design with built-in wah and volume controls, four independent effects channels which can be run simultaneously, and a memory bank of nearly 100 separate amp modelers and effects, the Vox ToneLab SE Valvetronix Multi-Effects Floorboard condenses an entire rig into a streamlined experience. Easy to navigate, this effects station also allows up to 50 user-specified presets for nailing down that perfect tone and keeping it in the roster for an easy lookup. Ideal for any guitarist looking to take the hassle out of their live setup, the SE Valvetronix is also a great option for beginning players to familiarize themselves with various effects.

Product Specs

  • ToneLab SE Valvetronix
  • Black
  • 2010s

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