Built with a four-knob control interface of time, mod, feedback, and level, a three-position long/short delay trail switch with the option for both, and an actual 12AX7 guitar amp vacuum tube, the Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay offers boutique-quality pedal sound with large-scale know-how and expertise. Housed in a durable die-cast chassis designed to last for years, the warm, organic tone summoned by the Double Deca is powered exclusively by hand-selected bucket brigade circuitry for unparalleled classic tone. Reminiscent of The Edge's coveted delay tone, this pedal is just the answer for a complementary effect that won't override your rig's natural tone.

Product Specs

  • TG2DDDL Tone Garage Double Deca Delay
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay Pedal
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  • Definitely A Good One!

    Verified Purchase

    I love bucket brigade delays and this one is a winner. It is nice to have modulation and the ability to do short and long delays. Very musical which is the whole purpose. Some may be put off by the looks. Don't be.

  • Broad Range

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal delivers a broader spectrum of "delay" than meets the eye.

  • Don't sleep on this one.

    Verified Purchase

    I never thought I would move my Wampler Tape Echo. I love that pedal. I took a chance on the Vox because I saw it on Chris Robinson's board and I love the CRB. I sold the Wampler a week later. This is the perfect delay for what I do. If you need tap/tempo or 17 knobs, keep driving. If you are …

  • Verified Purchase

    I bought this delay despite having two Echorec emulations that I love (the Catalinbread Echorec and the Keeley Dark Side), and I am glad that I did. As an individual long or short delay, it reminds me of my Danelectro Dan Echo, being serviceable, with a nice analog cut off, though the modulation kno…


    Verified Purchase

    Once you make it available for delay to run long and short simultaneously, it's time to sit down with this pedal and "make nice." There are so many possibilities available here for creating new sounds, rhythms, beats, echo and harmonics. I'm trying to learn how to make my loops "swoop" like a pterod…