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Built with a four-knob control interface of time, mod, feedback, and level, a three-position long/short delay trail switch with the option for both, and an actual 12AX7 guitar amp vacuum tube, the Vox Tone Garage Double Deca Delay offers boutique-quality pedal sound with large-scale know-how and expertise. Housed in a durable die-cast chassis designed to last for years, the warm, organic tone summoned by the Double Deca is powered exclusively by hand-selected bucket brigade circuitry for unparalleled classic tone. Reminiscent of The Edge's coveted delay tone, this pedal is just the answer for a complementary effect that won't override your rig's natural tone.

Product Specs

  • TG2DDDL Tone Garage Double Deca Delay
  • Red
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Japan

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