The Vox SL2G StompLab IIG Modeling Guitar Processor expands on the effect power of its smaller brother with a foot controller for entirely new parameters over your favorite tones. Packing the same 100 effects from amp simulators to analog delays to ring mods as the IG version, the IIG's added pedal allows for new control over wahs, expressions, and volume tapers. Whether you're just starting out in guitar or want a compact, no-nonsense effect center, the StompLab IIG delivers in spades.

Product Specs

  • SL2G StompLab IIG Modeling Guitar Processor
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Vox SL2G StompLab IIG Modeling Guitar Processor
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  • Vox SL2G

    Verified Purchase

    Does what I wanted it for. Using it as a desktop pre for demos. Great for when all my stage gear is packed and I need to capture a quick demo. Good for the price. No regrets.

  • Nice Pedal For the Money

    Verified Purchase

    I paired this up with a Vox MV50 Clean micro head and 1X12 (16 ohm) speaker cabnet. The tones were very good and clean. which is what I like. I found the pedal a bit confuzing to program. I still have not totally figured it out. Very good for the money and would recommend it.

  • Verified Purchase

    quick shipping nice pedal alittle dissapointed theres no power supply all other sellers show it included oh well you win some lose some

  • Not bad but not great

    Verified Purchase

    Its a digital device that assumes you know what two character abbreviations represent. The manual offers very little help but will get you in the ballpark (seating you in the nose bleed section). I think vox's first mistake was giving you 100 presets that are useless. This turned out to be a decent …