Featuring a compact design, durable construction thanks to its chrome finish, and 15 watts of total power with selectable op-amp circuits and three-band EQ, the Vox Night Train NT15H Guitar Amplifier Head packs a wallop in a small package. Easily transported, this little guy can fit in the most cramped of cars with ease and transfer from bedroom playing to live practice to small gigs without breaking a sweat. If you're looking for classic Vox tone but want to steer towards something modern, this little hot head leads the pack.

Product Specs

  • Night Train NT15H
  • Silver
  • 2010s
Made In
  • Vietnam

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Reviews for the Vox Night Train NT15H Guitar Amplifier Head
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  • Great Vox Quality, Power in a Small Package

    Verified Purchase

    I have two of these heads. The Night Train is my go-to amp for medium to large venues and outdoor shows. Plenty of power to be heard on stage, in a compact body that is easy to store and transport (no need to break my back with anything bigger when the amps are mic'd anyway). I paired it with a Fend…

  • Verified Purchase

    This amplifier lacks options, but what it does have is a beautiful sound. I can get nice, clean, bluesy tones from it and a REAL AUTHENTIC TUBE overdrive sound through it. Match it with a reputable cabinet and you won't be disappointed unless you need bells, whistles & gimmicks, which you can always buy through various pedals.

  • Verified Purchase

    What a great little amp. Little in size only. It has a very big sound and outstanding tone. I am running through a Line 6 dt25 ext. cabinet. Totally satisfied with this rig.

  • This is a great little amp.....

    Verified Purchase

    Very "VOX" just what I wanted....It was in perfect condition!!!!!

  • Honest Review of a great little amp (G2 Version)

    Verified Purchase

    So I wanted a Vox, but AC15's are heavy. Love the chime though and the cleans. Enter the Night Train G2. This lunchbox amp is definitely voiced like a Vox style amp, but I would not say it sounds like an AC15, but once you strum a clean chord, you will know it is definitely a Vox. I became very in…