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Reviews for the Vox DelayLab Guitar Pedal
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  • Awesome pedal

    Chris Shift had this pedal on his board during the sonic highways doc. Honestly, with the exception of the increased head pairings of the catalinbred echorec it goes toe to toe with every other delay I own and I wish I knew that before I bought 5 other delays that I was sure would sound better. The other delays are cool. This pedal can cover all of them.

  • Killer Pedal with Virtually Endless Possibilities

    Verified Purchase

    I'm gushing over it, and haven't even had a chance to nail down my favorite presets. The analog, lo-fi, and pitch shift delays can all be used like noise machines leading to some crazy sounds if you're into that sort of thing. Plus the various effects can be used as straight up standalone effects b…

  • An oldey, and kinda mediocre

    Many people swear by the delay sounds in the pedal, and I got mine for super cheap, so I'm not complaining about the price point (Looking at you Timeline). Pros: An awesome variety of sounds Tons of versatility with those sounds Lots of tweaking is possible Cons: It's HUGE, not just large HUGE. Wi…

  • Fantastic delay unit!

    Verified Purchase

    More people need to discover this delay pedal. I have lots pf delays including the Timeline and I still wanted to own this beast! The delays sound great, stereo capabilities are just awesome and a great feature is how the modulation and pitch is set on this. Basically, you can completely remove th…

  • Simply, underrated.

    This delay is loaded with options and versatility. Its built like a tank and takes up a bit a space but is most definitely worth it. I'd highly recommend it.