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Reviews for the Vox Big Bad Wah
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  • Dream Wah

    Great for either vintage or modern sounds. 2 channels footswitchable with the modern channel having a boost as well. Really, really good and kinda under the radar. Hard to say anything negative about it...

  • Verified Purchase

    Excellent Wah Pedal. I play through a jvm410hjs, w/ a 1960bv. W/ either my 1975 all original Strat or my custom Ibanez RG927, I plug directly into it & then into a lovepedal super 6 SRV, then a boss DS1 then the amp & run my Eventide H8000 & boss volume pedal through the effects loop. I don’t use th…

  • Big Bad is Really Bad

    Verified Purchase

    This is a bad product. There are two obvious problems. First is the drive level.. Depending on where you put this wah in your signal chain the level of the guitar is cut in half. Second is that the device is not a true bypass... The tone of your guitar is always affected even when the wah is "OFF". …